Mesh Opening & Wire Diameter Tolerance Control for Woven Mesh

Stainless steel woven mesh is of great significance to industrial production. It is a type of wire mesh that is made of stainless steel wire, created by weaving the wire strands together.Stainless steel woven mesh is commonly used in industrial settings for filtration, separation, and reinforcement purposes, as well as in architectural and decorative applications. It is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments, making it a popular choice for many different industries:

  • Chemical industry. It sieves resins, coatings, pharmaceuticals, paints, cosmetics, etc.
  • Food industry. It sieves powdered sugar, salt, starch, milk powder, soy sauce, fruit juice, etc.
  • Metallurgical & mining industry. It sieves various metal powders, alloy powders, lime, quartz sand, electromagnetic materials, refractory materials, etc.
  • Pollution treatment industry. It filters waste oil, waste water, activated carbon, additives, etc.

All these industrial production processes require the use of stainless steel woven mesh. Therefore, woven mesh plays an important role in the process of industrial screening and sieving.

A roll of standard stainless steel woven mesh on the machine

Dashang has been providing woven wire mesh services to numerous clients for over 10 years. And now we will introduce you to how we weave wire mesh that meets the requirements and guarantees screening efficiency. The method is mainly based on the regularity of the mesh opening in warp and in weft, depending on 3 parameters:

Select the wire diameter in the center of the standard tolerance

Regarding this tolerance, it must be considered that the warp wire will lose a little bit of its diameter (we have to reduce it when choosing the initial diameter, or by reducing the reed step). For example, to weave a 0.125 mm / 0.090 mm mesh, we reduce the initial warp wire diameter by 5%, so we need to set the warp diameter at 0.095 mm (which will become an initial diameter of 0.090 mm) with a reed step of 0.215 mm; however, set the initial warp diameter at 0.090 mm (which will become 0.0855 mm) with a reed step of 0.2105 mm.

Make the steel reed precisely

For woven mesh of more than 300 mesh, we choose imported Japanese or German steel reeds to weave to ensure uniform and consistent mesh opening.

4 imported steel reeds on the white background

Imported steel reeds

Weave high regularity in weft wire

With the goal of making perfectly metal woven mesh, we adopt full numerical control weaving machine, which can ensure the accuracy of the mesh.

A full numerical control weaving machine is weaving metal woven mesh.

Full numerical control weaving machine

A good woven wire mesh requires advanced weaving equipment, high-quality raw materials, and weaving personnel with rich experience in weaving. Dashang specializes in the production of metal woven mesh, providing solutions for the filtration and screening industry.

Any questions regarding the tolerance range of mesh opening and wire diameter control, if necessary, please contact us.