Dashang – Your Reliable Wire Cloth Solution Designer & Partner

Dashang is your ideal solution designer to industrial woven wire cloth used in screening, sieving, filtration, shielding and printing applications.

All our woven wire cloths embody our commitment to providing the high cost performance wire cloth to unlimited applications. Besides, we insist on quality is the base to success. We aim to supply perfect quality products to our customers and our quality control system and ISO 9001 certification verified that.

Fast delivery and customer-focused is our basic principle as well. We will try our best to provide customers with qualified products, professional suggestions and thorough support.

The machine is drawing stainless steel wires into desired sizes.

Wire Drawing Workshop

We have introduced advanced wire drawing equipment that provides a wire diameter of 0.025–0.160 mm after six drawing.

Two rows of wire mesh weaving machines are operating.

Mesh Weaving Workshop

We have CNC mesh weaving equipment that produces woven mesh with a mesh count of 1–635 mesh.

Strict Quality Control

We believe that "Good wire cloth can speak and each mesh should be worth". To this end, we implement strict quality control procedures to ensure all our products are trustworthy.

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A hand-held positive material identification gun is used to test raw material component.

Raw Material Inspection

We will test the chemical components, physical properties and wire tolerance to ensure that all materials meet our quality standards and requirements.

A digital caliper is used to test the stainless steel wire diameter.

Wire Diameter Inspection

We will test the diameter of the stainless steel wire after drawing to check if it is drawn into the desired size for weaving.

The fully automatic weaving machine is weaving stainless steel wire cloth.

Fully Automatic Weaving

Our technicians will check if the CNC weaving machines are set and operated correctly. And then, start the machine, it will weave stainless steel wire mesh as required and realize fully automatic weaving.

Our QC personnel is checking the opening size of the stainless steel woven mesh.

Opening Size & Uniformity Inspection

We will use German introduced tester to check if the opening size and uniformity of the product meet corresponding standards.

One-Stop Wire Cloth Solution Designer

We have innovative design, great manufacturing and strong support capacities to provide our customers with customized, one-stop solution.

  • Design
    Design tools on the drawing.
    Provide innovative design idea & plans.
  • Manufacture
    The advanced CNC weaving machine is operating for industrial wire cloth production.
    Advanced equipment for efficient production
  • Custom
    Worker is spot welding filter element.
    Provide custom semi-finished products
  • Solution
    A leaf filter equipment.
    Provide tailor-made solution to solve your problems
  • Support
    A catalog cover of wire cloth.
    Provide strong support to make you free from worries